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  • Where need phone charging station?

    Where need phone charging station?1. Restaurants need phone charging station. Our phone charging station can be hung on the wall, or just stand in your restaurant. It will attract more customers to consume in your restaurant.2. GYM is also our biggest par

  • How to choose phone charging station?

    How to choose phone charging station? Clients need pay attention to choosing charging station because of their special function -charging and security.It can be divided into seven aspects about How to choose phone charging station.1. Plate selection. Cons

  • Man destroys Wi-Fi charging stations after his phone is stolen

    Joyce Kilmer ParkWi so serious?A Bronx man threw a tantrum and toppled over a brand new pair of Wi-Fi charging stations worth nearly $10,000 after discovering that his phone was stolen, a report said Thursday.Lonell Logan, 20, was arrested earlier this mo

  • What are the benefits of Sopower phone charging station?

    What are thebenefits of Sopower phone charging station?1. Emergency charging for your phone when you are in thestreet corner, restaurant, swimming pool or GYM.2. Security for your phone or tablet when you are busyfor your work. You could leave your phone

  • How phone charging stations can benefit our life and business

    How phone charging stations can benefit our life and businessHow weak your smartphone could beSince the invention of the mobile phone, acquiring the latest tech has become a lifestyle. The smartphone in particular, has become an integral part of our

  • The 10 best charging stations to charge multiple phones and tablets

    It’s not uncommon for a family to have 6 to 10 devices anymore: phones, tablets, laptops. Some are personal devices and some are shared between the family. But all need to get charged. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve been swimming in cords lately. …

  • How to make profit with phone charging station?

    At present, phone charging station beginsto appear on many different countries. Of course, the main function of themobile phone charging station is the phone charging, The phone can get chargedby inserting one coin. They provide much convenience to mobile