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  • The heart of the AD machine is the decoding board

    With the progress of advertising technology, advertising machine constantly updated, advertising production more in line with the aesthetic needs of the public, advertising content more easily popular. However, television sets are often limited to domesti

  • Sopower explains the types and features of advertising machines

    Advertising machine has been widely used in building, buildings, shopping malls, Banks, exhibitions, stations, office space LAN advertising. Through pictures, text, video, small plug-ins and other multimedia materials for advertising, is an indispensable

  • Advertising machine and big data have greatly changed the traditional way of marketing

    Advertising machine manufacturers digital signage advertising machine and big data precision marketing, in a word is "the use of big data means at the right time, through the right channels, in the right scene, the right content, marketing to the rig

  • What role do advertising machines play in these industries?

    Is advertising equipment optional? I dont think so. Advertising machines are indispensable in many place, and the hunan factory today told you what the advertising machine has done in these industries? Advertising machine in the bank, can be used for …

  • What's the difference between an AD machine and a self-service terminal?

    The difference between advertising machine and self-service terminal, we from the complexity of the machine structure, cost, use environment to distinguish. 1, the structure of the advertising machine itself is relatively simple, the whole machine shel

  • Soaring sales, advertising machine combat effectiveness

    Commonly known as "doing business without advertising, it is like being single and still without makeup". No matter what form, advertisement, as a means of communication, plays an indelible role in business. If you dont do business in advertisin

  • 3 reasons to buy an AD machine

    First, quality and safety are guaranteedReliable quality of the advertising machine in the whole process are strictly implement the national production safety standards, especially on the design of the power supply unit, manufacturer to prevent a user get

  • Advertising machine can be used in what industries?

    With the rapid development of digital signage industry. The status of digital advertising has become increasingly prominent, especially as a new media network version of the LCD advertising machine, but also with its rapid growth has become a beautiful la

  • How much do you know about fast charging?

    Modern mobile phone quick charge has become a standard, the most classic advertising word is oppo charging five minutes talk two hours, now the mobile phone if there is no quick charge you can accept it, in the pace of life infinitely accelerated today mo

  • Does frequent charging really hurt your phone's battery life?

    How to charge mobile phone better? 1.have time to fill good, had better not be used up completely again fill. In the era of functional machines, the battery is basically detachable, the technology is still relatively backward, the battery has memory

  • Is quick charging bad for batteries?

    As smartphone screens get bigger, resolution gets higher and performance gets better, battery life has become a common complaint. In the absence of a major breakthrough in battery technology, rapid charging technology naturally became the savior. Many

  • History of mobile phone charging technology

    With the development of science and technology, the performance of smart phones is becoming more powerful and more popular, and its status in our daily life is rising. However, in todays battery technology has no breakthrough development, battery life has

  • Mobile phone quick charge complete guide: what is the charging principle? How does ability charge fa

    LG once reported that more than 90 percent of people would feel anxious if their phone ran out of power, 41 percent would miss an important call when their phone was low and 17 percent of men would easily miss a date if their phone ran out of power -- a p

  • Modern people are over-dependent on mobile phones

    When I read such data in a certain media news, it means that each mobile phone user must check his/her mobile phone 34 times a day on average, sometimes as often as once every 10 minutes. Whats more, these users often engage in these behaviors "subco

  • What are the creative ways of advertising?

    At present, the traditional advertising media has not the glory of the past, in the past, those traditional advertising media have a huge customer base. However, with the development of The Times and information technology, many customers began to ignore

  • The development of fast charging technology

    Quick charge A method of charging that enables the battery to reach or approach a full charge state within 1 to 5 hours. It is often used to charge the traction battery when it needs to be fully charged in a short time. The normal charging time of th

  • How to choose a mobile charging station?

    Mobile phone charging cabinets are on the rise As an emerging product, mobile phone charging station has gradually come into peoples vision and been recognized by most people.Relevant products also have a certain position in the market.Some businessm

  • What makes the business case for mobile phone charging cabinets

    With the continuous development of information technology, mobile phone has become an indispensable part of peoples life, which also drives the development of a number of industries around mobile phone.We are in an age of rapid information broadcast, arou

  • Attention! Your phone battery is low, please charge it in time

    As mobile phones provide more and more functions to people, people become more and more dependent on mobile phones.Have you ever experienced such a situation, when you are busy outside, your mobile phone is about to run out of power, and you dont have mob

  • Where need phone charging station?

    Where need phone charging station?1. Restaurants need phone charging station. Our phone charging station can be hung on the wall, or just stand in your restaurant. It will attract more customers to consume in your restaurant.2. GYM is also our biggest par

  • How to choose phone charging station?

    How to choose phone charging station? Clients need pay attention to choosing charging station because of their special function -charging and security.It can be divided into seven aspects about How to choose phone charging station.1. Plate selection. Cons

  • Man destroys Wi-Fi charging stations after his phone is stolen

    Joyce Kilmer ParkWi so serious?A Bronx man threw a tantrum and toppled over a brand new pair of Wi-Fi charging stations worth nearly $10,000 after discovering that his phone was stolen, a report said Thursday.Lonell Logan, 20, was arrested earlier this mo

  • What are the benefits of Sopower phone charging station?

    What are thebenefits of Sopower phone charging station?1. Emergency charging for your phone when you are in thestreet corner, restaurant, swimming pool or GYM.2. Security for your phone or tablet when you are busyfor your work. You could leave your phone

  • How phone charging stations can benefit our life and business

    How phone charging stations can benefit our life and businessHow weak your smartphone could beSince the invention of the mobile phone, acquiring the latest tech has become a lifestyle. The smartphone in particular, has become an integral part of our

  • The 10 best charging stations to charge multiple phones and tablets

    It’s not uncommon for a family to have 6 to 10 devices anymore: phones, tablets, laptops. Some are personal devices and some are shared between the family. But all need to get charged. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve been swimming in cords lately. …

  • How to make profit with phone charging station?

    At present, phone charging station beginsto appear on many different countries. Of course, the main function of themobile phone charging station is the phone charging, The phone can get chargedby inserting one coin. They provide much convenience to mobile