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How to choose phone charging station?


Clients need pay attention to choosing charging station because of their special function -charging and security.

It can be divided into seven aspects about How to choose phone charging station.

1. Plate selection. Considering about the plate thickness, material, origin place. These related to the bearing capacity of station when it was damaged by tools.

 SOPOWER charging station is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, the raw materials are one-up on others.

2. Molding and welding. Check if cabinet body weld fastness, if the gap between cabinet door and doorframe is flexible. The large gap will decrease anti prizing function, too large gap is not allowed for phone charging station.

3. Lock: lock is one of the most important point. The damage of lock or copy the key both means damage the heart of Anti theft mechanism.

Precise lock can effectively prevent the destruction and key copied.

3. Embalmment. It will affect the appearance of the cabinet if this working procedure is not handled properly, even cause the damages of function.

5.Size: The number of single cell phone charging cabinet door should be based on clients actual needs.

6.In order to ensure the phone is safe to charge, manufacturers' choose for transformer and regulator brand is essential for the use of mobile phone charging station.

7.Influence and brands for manufacturers: Brutal competition in the market make superior product survival of the fittest. Only high-quality products can ensure manufacturers in an invincible position and the brand value can be improved by this way.

Clients should try to choose the brand with strong development strength and long market reputation Sopower is a manufacturer in China specialize in mobile phone charging station.

After sales service: Mobile phone charging cabinet is one kind of special commodity, it need one dedicated, professional after-sales service team to ensure that users won't have any worries once there are any question about products.